“With God on Our side ……..How can We Lose?” Romans 8:31 TM.

Faith is like a muscle; opposition may strain it, but in the end it grows stronger. The Psalmist David understood this principle. He was continually hounded by his enemies. Even when he was being anointed to sit on the throne, Saul the old king was still occupying it. But instead of losing faith in God’s promise, David understood that, “The Lord has set apart [ear-marker] the godly man for Himself” (Ps. 4:3 NAS). So he declared, “In peace I will …lie down… For You … Lord, Make me to dwell in safety” (Ps. 4:8 NAS). When the Philistines captured him he prayed, “When I am afraid, I will …trust in You” (Ps. 56:3 NAS). And when he ended up in a cave while fleeing from Saul’s jealous rage he said, “I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings until this … is past” (Ps. 57:1 TLB).

During the third century, when St. Felix of Nola was running from his enemies, he took refuge in a cave. Eventually a spider began to weave a web across the small opening, sealing it off and making it look like nobody had been inside from months. As a result his pursuers passed by and didn’t bother looking there. Later, stepping out into the sunshine, Felix declared, “Where God is, a spider’s web is a wall. And where He isn’t a wall is but a spider’s web”.

Jesus said you’d have problems on earth; people will disappoint you, and you’ll disappoint yourself. Sometimes you’ll end up in cave because of something you did, other times because of circumstances you’d no control over. But God is with you either way. And like Paul said, “with God on our side… how can we lose? Soul Food Reading: Num. 29:1-6, Matt. 24, Rev. 11:15-19, I Cor. 15:50-58.


The  material above is taken from “The word for Today” (August, October 2007 edition) published by Grace So Amazing Foundation (GSAF).

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