Soul’s Food -Roger Simms

“Then I Will Teach Transgressors Your Ways”. Psalm 51:13 NIV

Roger Simms was hitchhiking home when he was picked up by Mr. Hanover. As they drove towards Chicago, Roger felt God urging him to share his faith. When he overcame his fear and asked the man if he would like to receive Christ, Mr. Hanover stopped, bowed his head on the steering wheel, began to cry, and accepted Christ.

“This is the greatest things that have ever happened to me,” he said. Shortly afterwards he dropped Roger at his house and went to Chicago, which was about an hour down the road.

Years later, while preparing for a business trip to Chicago, Roger came across the gold-embossed business card Mr. Hanover had given him years earlier.  When he arrived in Chicago he decided to look up Hanover Enterprises and found it located in a skyscraper down town. When he asked the receptionist if he could see Mr. Hanover, she said, “No, but his wife is here”.

“You knew my husband?” the woman in her 50’s asked. Roger explained that her husband had given him a ride and how he’d led him to Christ. “When was that?” she asked. May 7th, five years ago, the day I was discharged from the army”.

She began to sob. After several minutes she regained control and said, “I prayed for my husband’s salvation for years, believing God would save him. But right after he let you out of his car on May 7th, he was killed in a head-on collision. I though God had not answered my prayer, and I stopped living for Him five years ago”. That day she re-comitted her life to Christ. Share your faith somebody needs it! Souls Food Reading: Ezek. 10-13, Mark 10:35-52, Ps. 20, Pro. 19:24-29

God bless you.

The  material above is taken from “The word for Today” (August, October 2007 edition) published by Grace So Amazing Foundation (GSAF).

SATGO – Australia Province: Pastor A. A. Haastrup

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