Many in the world today erroneously rest in the assumption that they just occurred. They say there was a BIG BANG, then an Ape somewhere, sometime and somehow gave birth to their grandparents, that they were not created by any greater body, thing or force eternal to the universe that could be Called God.

My friends, are you in that category? If yes, that is unfortunate! I am sure of one fact, I just don’t occur. My great grandparent s were not Apes, if a computer machine, an underground rail (Tube) or supersonic jet do not just occur but are products of researches by mortal minds, then man, the originator of all these brilliant ideas could not have just occurred.

You are a product of what could be described as ages of research in the very mind of a supreme and great being, The Almighty God, (Genesis 1: 26-27). He made you in his own image and likeness. He created you as a triune entity. He owns you and you are accountable to him for every bit of your life, body soul and spirit.

Not only this, he loves you genuinely (John 3:16, 15:13). Do you know him yet (John 1:11-13)? The worst than can ever happen to you is to be separated for every from God (John 8; 21; Romans 6:23). But this need not be. You can change your situation. He never destined you for eternal damnation. You can re-order your priorities. You can retrace your steps back home. You can be restored to a joyful and lively relationship with your creator and God. Do you ask how? Just this: Realize you have strayed away from home (Isaiah 53:6; Luke 15:17-18), and that sin had separated you from your Lord and God (Isaiah 59:1-2). Note too that God desires your return (Luke 15:20; Matt 11:28-31), and realizing that you may be in difficulty tracing your way, he had made a special arrangement to convey you back home (John 14:6). Honestly, he wants you back today! (ll Cor. 6:2)

With these in your mind, whoever you are, reading this leaflet, do you have the assurance of salvation (Acts 4:12)? If you are not sure, wherever you are, just bow your head. Do not close your eyes yet! Now, pause a little and sincerely ask yourself: what have I gained in real terms from a life of sin (Isaiah 1:18)? Then confess your sins to Jesus Christ and ask him to be merciful unto you (Isaiah 55:7; 1 John 1:6-9). Candidly, ask Him to come into your heart to work the greatest miracle you desperately need (Rev. 3:20). You can now close your eyes for a minute or two and be silent before your creator. He will touch you right there and now.

The decision you have just taken has brought you hoe into the family of God (Romans 5:7; 8-12; 10:9-130. A big celebration of your new birth is going on right now in heaven (Luke 15:7). I too welcome and congratulate you.

That you may grow and be nourished to maturity, you’ll need the word of God, the Bible (ll Tim. 3:16-17; 1 Peter 2:2). You will also need the vital company of other members of God’s family (Heb. 10:25). God bless you and welcome.

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