Keys to Promotion

God is a loving Father who is deeply interested in all aspects of our lives, down to the smallest details. He wants to give us kingdom revelations that will equip us to prosper in our families, friendships, employment, everything.

When we look at work, what are God’s kingdom secrets for success? Proverbs 22 contains a number of these secrets. Right at the top is “a beautiful reputation” (v. 1, TPT). The person who wants to prosper in the workplace must cultivate an honorable character. This takes time, so there are no shortcuts, but it begins with the child of God preferring a good reputation to a large bank account. As Solomon makes clear, it’s more important to be esteemed by others than it is to own great investments.

Once a believer has made a conscious choice to value reputation above riches, there are some practical steps that Solomon outlines. These all have to do with our character. The person of noble reputation steers well clear of people who are twisted and perverse, and gives troublemakers a wide berth. This person has strong and abiding values worth passing on to their children. They are generous to the poor and work hard. They are people of discipline and ethical integrity.

Having a beautiful reputation at home and work is one of the keys to promotion. Trustworthy people are given greater entrustments.

Creating a beautiful reputation takes time. How much do you value your reputation? Ask God to show you steps you can take to establish a better reputation.

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