Enemies by Choice

Have you tried to love someone genuinely? May be you have made a lot of sacrifices to ensure that your love is made real to the person. Perhaps too, the person has heard or read of your love and the various ways you’ve been trying to express it. But instead of welcoming your good gesture and loving you in return the return the person has always hated and antagonized you, always ganging up with people to war against you. How do you described such a person? Simply, an enemy by choice!

You could be this enemy, you know? God, your creator, has done everything heavenly and earthly possible to express his love to you. First, he has given you his true and unfailing word, the Bible (II Tim. 3:16; Isaiah 40:8; Numbers 23:19).

Second, he has given Jesus Christ, His beloved son who died for your sins, so you would not perish (John 3:16; Romans 5:6-8; 6:23). Third, he has provided victory for you over sin, the Devil and his cohort (Luke 10:19; Romans 8:37). And fourth, he has designed that you can have access to God’s inheritance, live meaningful life here and have a hope of heaven (John 10:10; Romans 8:17).

What have you done about it? You have ignored Him, gone you own ways (Isaiah 53:6; Jn 5:22-23), and co-operated with the arch-enemy to war against God (I John 3:6). Yet you need Him (Genesis 2:7; John 15:5). Perhaps you have been calling on him but he has not heard you or answered you (Psalm 66:18; Isaiah 59:1-2). Will you continued like this, hopelessly groping in the darkness of this world (Duet. 287:39; Prov. 4:19)? Wont’ you come to the light (John 8:12)?

The only way out for you is to realize the delicate position you have put yourself – that of an enemy by choice (Prov. 1:22-23). Then, in repentance come to partake in what God had already prepared for you (Romans 5:6-11; Isaiah 55:7).become an object of His love (John 15:13-15) and daily seek to please him (Psalm 1:1-3). God bless you as you become a friend of God.

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